Welcome to OSF Life Flight

Illinois' Busiest Air Care Provider

The OSF Life Flight program is an air medical service performing inter-hospital transfers and transfers of critically injured patients from scenes of emergencies. With over 2,200 patient air transfers every year, the program is the busiest of its kind in the state, serving central and northern Illinois. At the scene and on the way, our highly trained OSF Life Flight nurses and flight paramedics perform emergency medical procedures.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of care and safety standards for the safety of every patient, our crews and the communities we serve.

Inbound Aircraft

All inbound aircraft will establish and maintain radio contact with OSF Life Flight Communications Center (Flight Comm) a minimum of 10 minutes prior to arrival. OSF Life Flight Communications Center (Flight Comm) will provide known EMS traffic advisories to all arriving aircraft. 

The communications frequencies for OSF Life Flight Communications Center  (Flight Comm) are as follows:

Primary: 159.510 PL 88.5
Secondary: 123.075

More Inbound Information

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