What is Life Flight?

OSF Life Flight is a 24-hour helicopter air-medical transport system, based in Peoria, Peru and Rockford, Illinois which has been in service since June 1984. The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis have led the way in air-medical transport helicopter service in Illinois. OSF Life Flight continues to be one of the premier flight programs in the United States. The very first helicopter transport involving OSF Saint Francis Medical Center was the transfer of a neonatal infant in January 10, 1967, from Zion, Illinois. OSF Life Flight provides safe, fast, critical care transport for our patients along with maintaining a perfect safety record.

Life Flight History

Central Illinois patient helicopter transportation began in January of 1967. This was very historic for the community as it transported its patients in a Hughes 300 helicopter, owned by the Peoria Journal Star Newspaper. The Peoria Journal Star continued to transfer patients into the early 1970’s. With the increase of patient transfer requests the Illinois Department of Transportation assumed the transport role though 1984. In June of 1984 OSF Life Flight officially formalized. Learn more about the history of OSF Life Flight and how it has sustained over the past 40 years.

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