London Mills: Ingersoll Scout Reservation

During the summer months, Ingersoll Scout Reservation has up to 400 campers onsite each week. Predetermined landing zones throughout the camp have been established. The camp is located three miles west of London Mills on the south side of IL Route 116 on the Knox/Fulton county lines.

If the camp is calling directly for the aircraft, ensure they have also contacted London Mills Fire and Rescue to assist with patient care and landing zone. The camp staff has been inserviced.

Communications with the camp can be made via the following:

Receive Freq: 461.225mHz
Transmit Freq: 466.225mHz DPL Tone 271

*Note this is not a standard PL Tone, it is Digital PL Tone, Please remind the crew during dispatch.

Ingersoll GPS Coordinates
Location North Cord West Cord
Pool Field 40-42.797 90-19.355
Parking Lot 40-42.82 90-19.356
Family Camp Field 40-42.865 90-19.347
OA Field 40-42.975 90-19.39
Gillwell Field 40-42.648 90-19.274
Horseshoe Bend 40-42.79 90-18.449
Tomahawk 40-42.606 90-19.001
North Ridge Field 40-42.926 90-19.106
Ranger House Side Yard 40-43.089 90-19.179

Updated: July 2, 2004