Vermont Fire & Rescue: Intercept Site

Name of Site:

Vermont Memorial Park
Location: Four blocks north and and block east of the city water tower
Description: Unobstructed area 600 ft. x 400 ft.
South: 25 ft. lighting poles for ballpark
North: 15-30 ft. trees
East: 15-20 ft. trees
West: 15-20 ft. trees
GPS Coordinates: N 40.17.59
W 90.25.30
EMS/Fire Agency: Vermont Fire and Rescue
EMS/Fire Frequency: 154.130 mHz
EMS/Fire PL Tones: None
EMS/Fire Dispatch Phone: (309) 547-2277
Law Enforcement Agency: Fulton County Sheriff Dept.
Law Enforcement Frequency: IREACH 155.055 mHz
Law Enforcement Dispatch Phone: (309) 547-2277
Site Activation Instructions: Contact Fulton County Sheriff Dept.
Other Information: 228 degrees from Peoria VOR - 37 nautical miles
300 degrees from Springfield VOR- 44 nautical miles
134 degrees from Burlington VOR - 35 nautical miles